Idea Flow for Aggressive Traders and Long Term Investors


Bull & Bear Trading provides you with both long and short ideas that you can add to your portfolio, whether for balance, alpha, or further diversification. We provide an “all-weather” service that adapts as market conditions change, allowing us to bring idea flow across bull and bear markets.


We focus on opportunities for compelling returns by taking risks over shorter terms. Our target investor is someone leading a busy life who still seeks to continue to play a role managing their own portfolio. Our ideas can vary from biotech to tech to industrials to market calls and beyond. It’s really about where there’s a compelling set-up for a return over the coming days and weeks.


You may have come across our ideas on Trader’s Idea Flow on Seeking Alpha, where we discuss stocks we believe to be actionable trades (either long or short) in the broader market. Prior to starting Trader’s Idea Flow I created and managed a hedge fund managing a modest amount of assets during the 1990s tech boom. 

Both investors and industry professionals find Trader’s Idea Flow useful for its content and market updates. We hope you find our ideas on Trade Exchange to be equally insightful and valuable.

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